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Bulk Wholesale Psyllium Seeds Manufacturing & Exporting

Plantago ovata Psyllium plant belongs to plantaginacae family and hence Psyllium Seeds are dry and grow well in arid climatic conditions. Psyllium is native to India and Pakistan and is now commercially grown in eastern part of Europe; the former Soviet Union, India and Pakistan. Psyllium seeds are relatively small seeds, with 1000 seeds weighing less than 2 metric grams. The seeds are enclosed in a fibrous husk that surrounds the seed until it is removed by thrashing and winnowing. Psyllium seed is the main attraction medicinal importance from Psyllium plant.

Psyllium seeds are harvested in the month of April and May. The seeds are brownish in color, smooth in texture and possess an arch in center. Psyllium seed husks, from plantago ovato, contain a formidable level of soluble dietary fiber. They are main component of many commercial bulk laxatives.

Psyllium Export are the bulk wholesale Psyllium Seeds manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. Psyllium Export are one of the best suppliers of natural Psyllium (sat isabgol) seeds all over the world. If you are looking for Psyllium seeds this is an end to it. Psyllium Export are known for one of the best quality of Psyllium seeds and for on-time delivery to their customers. We make sure that the product is packaged as per the requirements of the customers and clearing of the products by clearing agents are met at the earliest. Psyllium Export makes a strict quality check of the Psyllium seeds supplied by us.

Psyllium Export offer a good quality and wide range of Psyllium seeds. We keep in mind the requirements of the customer and order specification before exporting Psyllium Seeds. Quality assessment is made before we send the consignment to the customers so that quality and quantity we offer are the best to the customer satisfaction level.

Psyllium Seeds Applications

  • Psyllium seeds are most effective and natural remedy for constipation and also regulate bowel functions
  • Psyllium seeds are having a bulk forming laxative
  • Psyllium seeds help in reducing the risk of heart attack by decreasing serum cholesterol through proper exertion of bile acids
  • Psyllium seeds are consumed daily to maintain good health and low cholesterol
  • Psyllium seeds are industrially used as basic stabilizer in ice-creams and cosmetics

Psyllium Export Services @ A Glance

  • We export high quality Psyllium Seeds globally
  • We have a team of highly experienced staff to guide our customers and solve the grievances at earliest
  • On-time delivery without any hassles
  • We make sure that quality and quantity of the order are same as placed by the customer
  • Special services of exporting products under our own brand "Psyllium Export" and also can contract manufacture the products to the export under customer´s specific brand name
  • To ease the transit we have also tied up with reliable custom house and clearing agents

Psyllium Seeds Properties

Psyllium seeds have property of mucilage formation on extraction of moisture. They are cooling, laxative, soothing, antiacidic, anti diuretic and demulcent.

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